The World of The Caviar & Champagne Company

We are  two business partners from the gastronomy sector who launched The Caviar and Champagne Company . We selected gourmet products at affordable conditions that are not yet proposed in American  retail stores.

Our motto is to provide a unique combination of  gourmet food items which is genuine and affordable, dedicated to Americans food lovers with conditions that are available in their home market in France.

STURIA: Heritage and excellence

Our offer proposes  both caviar and champagne. Our selection for caviar privileges STURIA, the oldest and most important sturgeon farm in France which is based in Gironde (Bordeaux region).

This region has a long-standing tradition of sturgeons since the turn of the 20th century. At that time, sturgeon was fished only for its flesh.Legend recounts that a Russian princess, fleeing the Revolution, landed one day in a small harbour on the Gironde estuary.

Horrified to see fishermen keeping only the  fish flesh , she reavealed the true value of caviar and the secrets of its production and refining. This is how French caviar production began on the right bank of the Gironde in 1920.

In the 1980's, a national program to save Acipenser sturio (European sturgeon) has been decided. To this end , help was sought from experienced fish farmers in an attempt to breed and reproduce specimens of Siberian sturgeons (Acipenser baerii).

Sturia's founders were therefore heavily involved in this program and in 1986, they welcomed the first Siberian sturgeon to their fish farm in the Aquitaine region.. Sturia, based in the Aquitaine region, is now France's leading caviar producer, the third biggest worlwide and a true symbol of French gastronomy with high quality standards.

G.TRIBAUT : The finest producer in the oldest french champagne area

G.TRIBAUT Champagne comes from one of the most famous area of production in France, Hautvillers which is located on the territory of the regional nature reserve of the Reims's mountain.

Well-known for its ancient benedectine abbey where Dom Pérignon monk had lived, Hautvillers is considered as the birthplace of champagne wine.

G.Tribaut Vinyard
G.Tribaut vinyard

This is the reason why the know-how of G.Tribaut family about Champagne production is unparalleled.

Their vineyard surface area of more than 30 acres provides a variety of fabulous grapes to ensure premium quality champagne.

This is why after some meticulous degustations, we are proud to bring to the American market the most elegant champagne :

A bottle of Premier Cru BRUT from the grande cuvée speciale, a pure french and premium product.

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