Guide Champagne

1 - What is Champagne ?

Champagne is a well-known variety of sparkling white wine.
It must be produced according to specific rules in the Champagne region of France.

It is generally produced from pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier grapes.

Usually introduced as an elegant celebration drink you commonly find some during weddings, Christmas dinners and birthdays.
Today it is consumed at any special time, family gathering and has imposed itself from clubs to delicate brunch.

2 - What does Champagne taste like ? How strong is it ?

Champagne is sparkling so you can expect different type of bubbles depending of the producer.
It delivers flavors such as citrus, almond and apple and comes in varying levels of sweetness.

It amount of alcohol is moderate and varies between 11-13%

3 - How to store Champagne ?

It is recommended to store bottles away from bright light. Ideally in a wine fridge or a dedicated controlled-temperature cellar.
If you don't have access to these kind of storage, let the bottles in a cool place where temperature is relatively constant.

4 - How should champagne be served ?

Bottles are usually brought to the table in ice buckets to make sure they are serve cold and at the right temperature.

Recommended temperature is around 47-50°F (8-10°C).
Below this temperature, aromas are harder to detect due to the extra coldness.

Helpful Tips

Pour by holding the bottle's base. Do not overfill your glass, otherwise it will warm up too quickly.

Use the right glass, a white wine glass or a champagne flute.
The flute will keep aromas and bubbles longer than the wine glass.
On the contrary, a larger bowl enables the wine to open faster and allow bubbles and aromas to escape faster.

We do not recommended to put bottles of champagne in the freezer, it would cold it too much. Moreover a forgotten bottle of champagne in freezer might explode.


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